Welcome to DINC 2.0!

DINC is a parallelized meta-docking method for the incremental docking of large ligands (using AutoDock Vina)

A small molecule (such as a drug or a peptide) in a .pdb file

A protein (ideally, without ions) in a .pdb file

Center of the bounding box containing the binding site

Be sure to place the box center near the receptor's surface; (X, Y, Z) should be given in Å

Dimensions of the binding box (defining the ligand's search space)

The binding box will be aligned with the space axes; (X, Y, Z) should be given in Å

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How to cite DINC

If you use DINC in your work, please cite the following article: D. Devaurs, D. A. Antunes, S. Hall-Swan, N. Mitchell, M. Moll, G. Lizée, and L. E. Kavraki, “Using parallelized incremental meta-docking can solve the conformational sampling issue when docking large ligands to proteins," BMC Molecular and Cell Biology, vol. 20, no. 1, p. 42, 2019.


You should not expect to be able to reproduce the results we have published when you use this web server. Due to the large number of users, DINC cannot be provided with as much computing power on this server as our most advanced experiments require to obtain good results. By providing DINC with more computing resources, the accuracy of docking results can be improved. If you are interested in using DINC in ways that go beyond what is offered by this server, feel free to contact us.

Privacy policy

Data and results of each user are not accessible to other users, but we cannot guarantee full privacy. We assume the data submitted to DINC is not strictly confidential.

Data retention policy

Data and results will be stored on the server only for a limited amount of time. The content of the server will be periodically deleted.